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Elan 333

What follows is a technical tour of some of the good and bad bits of my Elan 333 (2001), One More Knot.   I have looked for an independent review of an Elan 333 on the web for some time, but as I haven't found one, I've written my own.  I will no doubt dwell on all the little niggles, but please put this into perspective -  if the niggles I show are the worst bits of the boat, then think how good the rest is.  I am sure that there is no perfect boat (certainly not within my budget) so all boats will have niggles, compromises or just plain bad design.  Overall, I am very pleased,  and on looking at newer Elan 333 (at boat shows), some of the points I raise have been addressed.


The classic text, originated I suspect by Elan, is hard to fault:

"Designed by top international yacht designer Rob Humphreys, the Elan 333 succeeds in combining modern technology and expertise with a respect for tradition, elegance, and stylish good looks. The deck layout reflects the many years of designing, building, and sailing experience that were put together to conceive the Elan 333. The clean deck features the very best deck hardware available, while the ergonomically designed cockpit guarantees comfort for both the crew and the skipper. The helmsman's seat cants forward to create easy boarding through an open transom as well as a raised platform for easier visibility. The spatial geometry of the boat creates an efficient interrelationship between an ergonomically refined cockpit configuration and a wonderfully usable interior. The Elan 333 delivers much more than can normally be expected of a sub-10 metre yacht. In some owners eyes, the 333 is the perfect club-racer; in others she is the ideal cruising boat. That both notions can coexist speaks volumes for the overall qualities of this boat."

Allegedly, Rob Humphreys (designer of Ellen MacArthurs Kingfisher) even lived aboard an Elan 333 for some time.


The Elan 333 is strong, well put together impressive performer with a classical layout that works well both at sea and in the marina.  She is a joy to sail, and rewards a bit a rope tweaking.

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